Our Mission



Indigenous Rights Advocacy Group (IR Group) is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the protection and advancement of the rights of indigenous peoples in the U.S. and abroad.

IR Group advocates provide legal and consultation services to indigenous governments, communities, organizations, and individuals.

Indigenous peoples have long suffered encroachments on their land, culture, and sovereignty. Many indigenous peoples—from tribal or community governments, to organizations or individuals—want to protect their peoples’ rights and unique ways of living and being. With the advancement of international indigenous rights and human rights in recent decades, new laws and norms have formed domestically and internationally.

Indigenous peoples lack access to adequate legal teams that might use innovative and creative methods to achieve the realization of their goals. Due to this lack of access to competent counsel, indigenous peoples are often underrepresented.

This is particularly true in a number of post-colonial countries in the Caribbean, whose relatively recent independence and current post-colonial framework mean both a lack of local advocates and resources while those countries’ legal systems are ripe for proactive change. Whatismore, countless young indigenous rights advocates seek opportunities to help these and other indigenous communities but come up short—with few law firms having such a practice area.

Indigenous Rights Group seeks to reverse this trend by providing legal aid to indigenous peoples, who would otherwise not be able to afford competent representation on matters concerning their rights. IR Group will also engage in capacity building with communities to empower the people to advance and protect their own interests in the future.